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What is love

Love plays an important role in our lives. Now I would like to talk about romantic love in all her manifestations that connects two different people with a special bond. Do you believe in true love? Have you already found your other half? I certainly do, however, I’m sure that it has nothing to do with the image of love created by fairytales and romantic comedies.

I’m been in love many times in my love, since I was a kid, but I believe that I never loved anyone. When I was younger, I fall madly in love with a girl from the same school. But:

  • We didn’t have classes together;

  • I never talked to her;

  • I just thought that she was really beautiful, and if I had her, my life would be perfect, because she was so caring, nice and loving.

How did I knew that she was that kind of a person? I didn’t. I had an image in my head, and that was enough. I’ve spend years suffering from an imagined love story, until one day I didn’t meet a special girl who made me really happy.

Now I’m a grown-up, and I can’t even imagine that I was stupid enough to act like that. Real relationships are so different from what you imagine them to be. It’s not only fun, interest and desire, but also being able to listen, go on compromises and care about others. The most important in the relationships, in my opinion, is to be happy together and to make each other a better person. Dramatic and abusive relationships where partners don’t respect each other and are not afraid to hurt the other definitely won’t do you any good. In many wonderful books, which are perfect in any other way, the authors describe different kind of emotional instabilities to be a true love.

Let us remember, for example, Harry Potter series of books and one of the characters Professor Snape. He claims to love Lilly who was his friend when they were little, and who died many years before the action takes place in the book. Is it possible? Or, would a mature person find a real partner who he could care about instead of being offended to the whole world that the girl he wanted didn’t choose him?

In my opinion, a perfect image of love can be seen in Leonid Afremov’s painting ‘Midnight tango’, you can see it here. This artwork depicts raw emotions of attraction and passion. However, it’s also a tandem of people working together, holding closely to each other, like a couple in a furious ocean, which is called life.